Friday, September 13, 2013

Fukushima now officially out of control

Just one week after Japan won the 2020 Olympics, a TEPCO executive has now admitted that the disposal of radioactive water is "not under control".

Its important to note here that nature (or as the Greeks called it physics) is not controllable.  The so-called "Laws of Physics" are self-enforcing.   A few of the laws that are coming into play now are:

1. Radioactive decay.  Nuclei will a certain half life will decay after a while.  You can't control this.
2. Gravity.  Water deposited in the hills will flow to the ocean interminably.   You can build a dam to stop it for a while...but eventually more water accumulates.

All that can be done is to try to make the effects of these uncontrollable processes impact humans and the environment in the least harmful way.   Unfortunately that is difficult to do when you have previously brought together a sufficient quantity of Uranium & Plutonium to create a radiation environment that kills any human within minutes (as is the case in the melted reactors) ...or hours (as may be the case in some of the outer areas).

My prediction: the clean up of Fukushima's reactors will not have begun by the time the Olympic Flame reaches Tokyo.


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