Monday, August 5, 2013

Emergency Declared

Unknown quantities of highly radioactive water are continuously entering the groundwater and ocean.

Cs-137 levels increased by 1,500% in the last week.
Strontium is not being tested for currently (why not?) but will be 'next'

The mitigation involves pumping and diverting 500 tons of ground water  PER DAY.   This is on top of storing the huge quantity of radioactive water being produced daily  (see previous posts.)

The amount of labor required to keep Fukushima from getting worse seems to be increasing linearly, or faster, with time.   How long will it be before 20% of Japanese citizens will be required to keep this plant from getting worse... and how about how much effort it will take to make things better, and/or actually begin to look at then clean up the problem....(which hasn't been done yet.)


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