Wednesday, September 4, 2013

2.2 Sieverts per hour and climbing

So, new developments from yesterday.   Note that we are now just talking about dealing with the tanks of water, not talking about the reactors themselves which nobody, not even a robot, has yet even looked at.    (If they had, we would have a photo of the corium which we don't yet.)

The unanswered question here is:  of the hundreds of drums of radioactive water, how many are leaking.   TEPCO's official are obviously smart enough to have asked this question.   Since they have not publicly answered it the answer is probably: "we don't know yet".  They are probably right now sending people out amongst the tanks to check for leaks with Geiger counters (that go to 2000+ I hope).  I don't envy those people.

P.S.  File this in the "Too Cheap To Meter" category.    Care to guess how much energy 10 billion yen worth of nuclear reactor investment gets you per year?

0 kWh.


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