Sunday, December 8, 2013

25 Sieverts/Hour! Highly Lethal radiation found OUTSIDE reactors.

NKH Has  reported detection of radiation in a duct outside the reactors at the level of 20 Sieverts per hour.

This is typical of the radiation levels INSIDE a reactor!   It can kill a human in about 20 minutes.  One obvious, unasked question is: who made this measurement, and how close did he get to make the measurement?  I would be concerned for the health of that worker.

Speaking of workers,  this article reports that the workers who built the tanks storing millions of tons of radioactive water were hired in very suspicious and possibly illegal ways.

Of greater importance to me are the reports that they tried to report the shoddy construction of the tanks but were ignored.   One worker appears to have been payed hush money to keep the shoddy work secret.  The tanks later failed and leaks thousands of gallons of radioactive water.

Friday, December 6, 2013


A few headlines from a few weeks ago.

NY Times:   "Tainted water still flowing"

It appears that TEPCO tore down a cliff that would have protected the reactors from the tsunami to build Fukushima:

Fuel is being removed from Reactor 4.  That this is possible is a good sign.  However it could be a risky endeavor.